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chess instructions on how to improve

Chess is a very beautiful game, but especially when you win. Moreover, ....learning it might be a very difficult task when you do not have good chess instructions.   One might think that reading the ten good books that he has in the library will make him a master.  However, this is wrong.  Without good directions on how to study, the time can be wasted and no result achieved.

We took the initiative to design CHESS INSTRUCTIONS on how YOU CAN IMPROVE.

General and specific chess instructions

  • Study 50% and Play 50%. Study without play or play without study doesn't bring you success!
  • Your study must be study work - don't think it's simple.  You should try to understand and keep in mind every explanation from the chess books / lessons.  When examining key positions, try to find the best move on your own first and then compare with the solution.
  • The study of chess must be done on the normal board and pieces.  If you want to progress, the usage of the computers have to be minimized.  You have to use your own hand to move the pieces - not the mouse!  If you find good materials on the Internet, our advice is to print them.
  • Make a notebook with all the important things you learn, especially on strategy.
  • Analyze your own games.  In addition, remember: a won game is not by all means a good game or vice versa.  So, be critical whenever it applies.

We hope that our chess instructions will help you.  If you follow seriously these pointers, your aim will be reached for sure.

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