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Chess Lessons


Chess Lessons for high-performance

The QUALITY of the lessons - this makes the difference!

  • explain ALL chess strategy from the basic elements to masters' "secrets"
  • teaches how to think during the game, how to make your plan and how to use in practice what you know from theory
  • not only a book of some lessons but a complete course for 13 months
  • beside chess lessons, you have lots of tests, exercises and smart tips
  • much more affordable than a chess trainer in your area or on Internet
  • more affordable than even a book
  • BUT high-quality chess lessons designed to improve your chess after a structured plan
Who make these chess lessons
  • chess lessons written by REAL us, 6 International Chess Masters and 1 Grandmaster
  • long experience as chess teachers; from very novice students up to National Chess Teams
  • 3 full years of intensive work to make a 1-year course with the best chess lessons for serious students

Where can I find this kind of chess lessons?
Check our best product International Chess Master School »

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