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French Defense

French Defense - why choose it?

  • The French Defense is one of the most poisonous openings against 1.e4.
  • White really needs to know the Opening Theory in order not to get in trouble from the very first moves.
  • In the French Defense there is no luck for White as with those crazy attacks against the Sicilian or Pirc for example.
  • White has no 'drawish' systems against French Defense as he does against Caro-Kann, Alekhinne, Scandinavian and Petroff.
  • White has no strong gambits or other interfering systems against The French Defense as he does against 1...e5 or 1...c5. Neither is the Wing Gambit dangerous for Black as you'll see.
  • With the French Defense there are no radical changes over night as in Sicilian. The ideas in the French Defense are more strategical, and a computer cannot find something tactical to interfere with everything you've learned.
  • After understanding the concepts of the French Defense, you will be more comfortable playing Black, even against more stronger opponents than you.
  • The French Defence is truly a splendid Opening! Starting with it, your games will be real chess and your creativity will flow freely.
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