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annotated chess games

The strongest point of our Complete Chess Training Program is the annotations of the games!  There are not common annotations, but teaching-annotations.

There are several types of annotations:
  • Variation-focused annotations.  Specific to chess informants, usually they are played by the strongest players of the world.  These games are useful especially for opening and tactical preparation of the high rated players.
  • Annotations that follow a particular theme.  There are specific to strategy and tactics chess books.  Selected are those games which illustrate best that particular theme the author wants to present.  Usually, the annotations of that games concern only about that theme.
  • Annotations of selected games.  We think here of books written by World Chess Champions or other great players, who have selected their best games.  These annotations are excellent.  We can mention here also the annotations of good games, played in tournaments or matches, which are analyzed by high rated players.
  • Teaching-annotations.  This is what we do.  We annotate the game from the beginning to the end, and for every move, we explain the principle, and the purpose that move was made for.  Here we do not analyze only one strategic or tactical theme, but we analyze ALL game, ALL the elements, combined, as they are met in practice!

    The whole game is discussed and we focus on finding the key-positions, their assessment, finding the correct plan, and concrete, the move.  We will reveal step by step this thinking process.

    In our chess training lessons, we have also selected games between ordinary players who make more common mistakes.  It is better now for your learning process to discover these mistakes than to analyze a game between two grandmasters.  Do they make mistakes like your opponents?  For sure, they do not!  Annotated grandmaster's games go deeply into long plans and very complicated variations.  Their annotations are addressed to the high-ranked players and do not give basic explanations.

    Very important are also the quizzes during the game, with a real help in learning the subject at hand.

examples of annotated chess games

We invite you to look through some examples of our annotated chess games:
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