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basic chess strategy - chess strategy for beginners

basic chess strategy Training Program

Our Chess Training Program is excellent for beginners and intermediates in chess!  With bountiful of chess strategy essentials, our training program will drastically improve your chess!  Our program is based on 90 annotated games on chess strategy.

- The main point of our basic chess strategy lessons is geared towards teaching you how to analyze and recognize weaknesses in your opponent's position and then deliver a decisive attacking blow to punish for the inaccurate moves he made.  What is the use of getting a better position if you do not know how to benefit from it?  We will teach you step by step how to win that "ought to be won" game.

learn the basic chess strategy from the 90 annotated games

  • The games are selected to demonstrate common chess strategies and common mistakes.
  • In the beginning of the games, there is a presentation of the chess strategies involved.
  • We explain to you every key-position that presents sound chess strategy thinking and plans.
  • At every key position, there is a PUZZLE based on one strategical objective.
  • Every time when needed, we explain other moves that could change the game's course: why it would be wrong, or why it would be good.  We do not suppose that you know all that.
  • At the end of the game, you will find a comprehensive summary that stands on its own as a chess lesson in the strategy of chess.

Learn the basic of chess strategy
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