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Internet Chess Learning Centre

Learn the Chess Openings - Online with a Trainer

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Almost all the chess players have difficulties to prepare the opening.  ...and many of them make big mistakes choosing openings they do not fully understand, too complex, or which do not suit their style; all these slow down their improvement, bring bad results and diminish the joy for the game.

You have now the possibility to get a Professional Chess Trainer and make your life much easier.  Using a friendly Internet Chess Playing Server, the online lessons are as sitting at the board with you.

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Build, understand and learn a complete repertoire of openings

With a chess knowledge and experience extremely vast, your trainer will learn after some games about your style, exactly what opening systems suit you and how to explain all the ideas matching your level.
Then, in just a few interactive online sessions (of 2 or 3 hours each), your personal chess trainer will completely teach you excellent Opening systems (for both White and Black if need it).  In the end, you will have a very good, compact repertoire of openings that you understand and play with confidence until the endgame.


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