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Are you in Rhode Island and would like to know more about this fascinating board game? Or perhaps you wish to join a community of active chess players in your locality. But you’re unsure just where to start. Worry not; below is a comprehensive guide to understanding the chess scene in Rhode Island. This guide covers aspects like active clubs in the State, regular tournaments, and where to stock up on chess paraphernalia.

Rhode island map and chess pieces

Learning a new skill is always a daunting task at first. This is usually true for almost every aspect of life. Unfortunately, many people give up before they can become proficient. If you quit something just because it’s hard, you’ll get very little accomplished.

A clear example of this notion is learning chess. This board game is relatively complex, especially when compared to other board games. Admittedly, it takes a while to grasp the rules of this game and use them practically during a game.

However, if you can get past the initial toughness involved in playing chess, you can learn and become proficient in time. Those who stick through with the board game end up enjoying it. Chess is a fun game to play with others.

Aside from the board game’s fun aspect, it is also one of the best ways to build cognitive function. There’s a reason why the board game is linked to some of the most brilliant minds of all time. In fact, it’s hard to find many successful people who do not enjoy a boardgame.

While chess may not have been developed in the United States, it is currently one place that has ascertained dominance over the board game. Today, a significant portion of renowned chess players hail from the U.S. This is true for both the past and current times.

In some regions of the Country, you’ll find kids as young as three playing chess. Most of these kids go on to dominate both the local and global chess scenes. More than a handful of American chess grandmasters started making headlines in their teenage years.

History of Chess in Rhode Island  – The Plantation State           

The State of Rhode Island is perhaps one of the most fascinating territories in the union. The Plantation State has a significant story to tell that started long before the unions came together to form the United States of America.

Rhode island stamp

Little Rhody’s history begins with refusing British rule along with the other six New England States. After independence, Rhode Island was one of the 13 States that came together to form the original union that would eventually become this glorious Country.

It may not come as a surprise that Little Rhody is the smallest State in the Country. The Plantation State measures a mere 37 miles by 48 miles. However, what may come as a surprise to many is that despite its size, Little Rhody is one of the most densely populated territories in the Country.

Being part of the six New England States, you can likely tell Little Rhody is strategically located. This has led to the exponential growth of the State, despite its humble size. To the Eastern and Northern sides, the Plantation State is bordered by Massachusetts. To the West lies Connecticut and the Atlantic Ocean binds the State on the Southern side.

As mentioned above, Rhode Island is ranked last in terms of State sizes. However, when it comes to population density, Little Rhody comes in an impressive second. This unique population makeup has greatly helped the spread of chess throughout this very diverse State.

Rhode Island’s strategic location turned the State into a melting point of different cultures. This diversity has both positive and negative ramifications. For example, not being able to communicate with other people in your community can negatively impact relations and general interactions.

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Chess is one of the activities that thrive in a diverse setup. You do not necessarily need to understand another person’s language to play this game. As long as you know the governing rules, you can enjoy the board game with someone from any corner of the world. Since the rules of chess are universal, the language barrier does not hinder the game.

Rhode Island has a long history of chess activity. The Atlantic Ocean acted as a gateway to different people and opened up the State to chess from an early age. Historical records report an active chess scene as early as the late 18th century.

When walking around the Plantation State, it is not uncommon to come across people playing chess all over. Whether you’re walking along the beaches, schools, or public amenities, you are sure to find chess enthusiasts enjoying the game.

To ensure continuity, the state government has bolstered efforts to grow chess in younger generations. This has resulted in a very active chess culture at the scholastic level. Kids as little as at the kindergarten level, all the way to the tertiary level, enjoy playing the board game.

Chess Grandmasters From Rhode Island

The dream of any prolific chess enthusiast is to play at the highest level. In the world of chess, the highest rank you can rise to is the grandmaster level. However, only the cream of the crop ever gets close to this grand fete.

There are only a handful of chess grandmasters in the world. This is why countries and States take great pride in having a grandmaster in their midst. Moreover, having a grandmaster shows the progression of this board game in the State.

distinguished man playing chess

In Little Rhody, Jorge Sammour is arguably one of the greatest chess players. Jorge was born in 1979 in the Plantation State. From a young age, he was already dominating the chess scene. Many argue he had a meteoric rise to the grandmaster level.

However, Jorge’s past is littered with great chess exploits. For instance, the Rhode Island-based grandmaster won the under-10 and 12 chess championships, respectively. In his early chess career, Jorge was regarded as a blitz expert.

Jorge Sammour is not the only prolific chess player in Rhode Island. The State is full of other great players on their way to the grandmaster level. Most of these rising stars are at the national and international master levels.

A great point to note is the bustling chess activity at the scholastic level. Rhode Island’s State government has greatly invested in developing chess structures in schools. Virtually every school has an active chess club or related groups.

Rhode Island Chess Tournaments

Growing your chess skills takes time and a lot of practice. Today, you can practice by playing against digital software and mobile applications. If you ask most prolific chess players, however, many will tell you nothing beats practising with other people.

When you’re facing off against other players, you’ll learn new tips and tricks better than you would from an application. This makes chess tournaments and championships one of the greatest opportunities for an up-and-coming chess player.

large chess tournament

If you are in Rhode Island and want to participate in chess tournaments, here are a few top options for you;

  • Rhode Island Scholastic State Chess Championship – This event is organized by the Southeast New England Chess Association (SENECA) and takes place in mid-March. The tournament welcomes students from all over the State and at different mastery levels.
  • Rhode Island Open Chess Tournament – The competition is held at 1 Thumber Street in Warwick and takes place in the second week of February. It is yet another chess event organized by SENECA.
  • Cucumber Winter Chess Fess – This is usually the first chess tournament of the year in the Plantation State. You will need to register ahead of time to secure a spot, and the tournament is held on Broad Street in Cucumber.

Chess Clubs in Rhode Island

As formerly mentioned, interacting with other players will help you significantly grow your game. Wherever you are, chances are high; there are a few chess groups and clubs. If you can find an active club, you should consider joining.

When you’re in a chess club, you’ll have easy access to resources that can help you develop your skills even further. In addition, the chess players will offer guidance on what you can do to reduce specific weaknesses in your overall game. It is impossible to learn such weaknesses when playing with a computer.

If you’re in Little Rhody, you can easily plug into various chess groups and clubs in the area. Here are a few of the most active chess clubs in Rhode Island;

  • Rhode Island Chess Club – This is one of the largest and most active chess groups in the Plantation State. If you are a chess player based in Rhode Island, you’re likely a member already. The group has hundreds of active members who meet regularly to compete and learn more about chess.
  • Cranston Chess Club – Only founded in 2005, this club is relatively young. However, in its two decades of existence, this has risen to be a reputable chess club in the State. The club meets every week and welcomes chess players and enthusiasts from all over.
  • Chessmaster Connections – This isn’t exactly a chess club. The organization is steered towards developing an interest in chess in young kids. They have summer programs that teach chess in a fun and engaging way.

Rhode Island Chess Shops

As the name suggests, Little Rhody is a small territory. The State is smaller than towns and cities in other States. This, however, means people are close together, and so are amenities. Finding a chess shop in Rhode Island is easy because of its compact size.

Chess shops in Rhode Island

Here are your top choices when it comes to chess shops in Rhode Island;

1. Henry Bear Park – This is the leading chess spot in the entire State. Whatever you need, you can find it here if it’s chess-related. They have also created a niche for younger markets with their inviting themes.

2. Blackstone Chess Center – If you are looking for a family-friendly chess shop in Rhode Island, you should check out this spot. They have a wide selection of chess items, including chess boards and bespoke pieces.Ultimately, it is right to recognize that Rhode Island is a great place to develop your chess skills. The State has the perfect environment to cultivate a chess culture. The above-mentioned resources will help you get your footing and learn everything you need to grow your chess career.

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