How Many Chess Pieces In A Set?

While most games are based on luck, chess is based on strategy. The game is played on a board of 64 squared with 32 pieces to create a strategic battle against black and white. 

How Many Chess Pieces In A Set

To create competition between the two players, there are equal amounts of black and white pieces. 

The board itself features a rectangular shape that consists of eight rows of eight squares on each side. 

Each player has two rows of pieces in front of them with rules and limitations on where the pieces can be placed. 

With all this in mind, this article will explore everything you need to know about how many pieces are in a chess set. 

Let’s get straight into it. 

How Many Pieces Are There In A Chess Set?

The first thing you’ll set up is the chessboard. This is where the pieces are placed. Sometimes it can also double as a container to hold all your pieces. 

Next, you’ll find the chessmen. These are the main components of a chess game but can also be sold separately. Typically, a standard set of chess pieces contains 32 chessmen with 16 for each color: black and white. 

Sometimes, in a set, you’ll find additional replacement pieces if you were to misplace or lose a particular piece. 

Now that we know how many pieces a typical chessboard contains, we will now look into the different chessmen and their roles in the game. While there are 16 pieces on each side of the board, there are only 6 different movements and roles. 

How Many Kings Are There On A Chessboard?

Per color, there is only one king in a chess set. 

A ‘Check Mate’ is used to end a chess game in victory. Although, when an opponent calls ‘Check’, this is simply a warning that your king is in danger and needs to be moved or block his path with another piece to put him out of danger. 

Kings are limited in their movements since they can only move one square at a time; however, they are able to move in all directions as long as they aren’t blocked. 

How Many Queens Are There On A Chessboard?

Per color, there is only one queen per set. However, you may find extra queen replacements in a set; however, these can’t be used in a game. 

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On the chessboard, the queen is the most powerful piece since it can move in any direction and as many squares as possible, as long as no same-colored pieces are blocking her path. 

However, losing your queen doesn’t end the game, although it does put you at a disadvantage if your opponent still has their queen. 

If you’re looking to regain the power of your queen, the best way to achieve this is by promoting one of your pawns. 

How Many Bishops Are There On A Chessboard?

Again, per color, each player has two bishops. 

These pieces aren’t limited to how many squares they can move but they can only move diagonally

Only when blocked by a same-color piece will these chessmen be stopped at a particular square. 

How Many Knights Are There On A Chessboard?

Per color, there are only two knights. 

They are the only chessmen that are allowed to ‘jump’ over other pieces. Although, they are severely limited in their ability to only move in an ‘L’ shape in five squares. 

How Many Rooks Are There On A Chessboard?

Each play is provided with two castles (rooks). 

These can be moved as many squares as possible but only within a straight line. They can move both vertically and horizontally as long as no same-colored pieces are blocking their path. 

How Many Pawns Are On A Chessboard?

In a chess game, there are eight pawns; these account for half of the overall chess pieces on the board. 

These are placed on the second row and can only move one square at a time. The only exception is on the first move where they are able to move two squares. 

Although to beat the opponent using the pawn, you can only use a diagonal movement. 

While limited in movement, if they reach the other side of the board; they can be promoted to another piece. 

For instance, a Rook, Bishop, Queen, or Knight. There are no limitations to how many times you can promote a Pawn. 

Final Thoughts

Chess is a game all about strategy, and one of the most important things to understand when you first start learning to play chess is the movements and rules concerning each chessman.

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with everything you need to know about the different chessmen and how many pieces are in a chess set.

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