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Internet Chess Learning Centre

Online Chess Instructors

What we offer
We offer online private chess lessons for those who want to improve their chess skills. During the online chess lessons we cover all the stages of the game (opening, middlegame, endgame), according to the student's needs. We have a library of more than 300 chess books, both new and old, from which we have selected the best examples for each chess section (openings, tactics, strategy, endgames, etc.). We also have many books in electronic format that come to complete the materials for the lessons. At the student's request, after the online lesson we can send additional materials for individual study.

This is what you can get by taking online chess lessons:

  • complete opening repertoire
  • middle game (tactics, strategy)
  • endgames
  • play training games with you
  • analyze and comment the games that you play in tournaments or over internet
  • improve your calculation skills
  • improve the skill of finding the best plans
  • exercises for individual study

Who we are
- we are a team of certified chess instructors (national masters, FIDE masters, international masters)
- we have many years experience in training both adults and children
- we have more than 4 years experience in training over the internet
- we are very appreciated by all the students

This is how it works
Contact us (see below) and you will be contacted by one of our chess coaches, according to your age and level. You will discuss directly with him, via e-mail, all the details: how to install and use the voice software, how to install and use the chess software, schedule the lessons, etc.

For taking online lessons, you need:
- a computer with internet connection
- headphones + microphone

- 1 lesson (1 lesson = 2 full hours) per month: 70 USD
- 2 lessons per month: 120 USD
- 4 lessons per month: 200 USD
- 8 lessons per month: 350 USD

Special offers

  • If you register until 31st of December 2009 you have a special discount: 15% discount from the regular fees mentioned above.
  • If you are available for online lessons any time between 5 am – 12 pm GMT you have a special discount: 15% discount from the fees mentioned above.

Of course you can qualify for both special offers! In this case you save 30%!

Another great thing is that you will benefit from these special fees for ever (no matter if the offer is still available on the website or not)



As a sign of gratitude for our quality, our students often send us feedbacks by e-mail. Here you can read some quotes from their messages:

Just to tell you Chris won 5 games out of seven and drew 2. He is now the under 13 Hong Kong Champion.
In fact the drawn games were against previous champions and strong players.
(Stephen, Hong Kong)

HI – I hope you are well. Noah did a great job at this chess tournament.
(Kathie, USA)

Without trying to sound like an apple polisher or anything, I just wanted to say how much I truly enjoyed your lesson. Having five years experience teaching English and coaching tennis, I have a pretty good idea of what a good lesson is. I have full confidence in your ability.
(Sean, USA)

I have good intuition! Your lesson with Andrew was excellent. He did tell me that the two hours flew by. He enjoyed the lesson. P.S. Your English is superb and your accent is beautiful.
(Diane, USA)

I want to thank you, and let you know that your lessons are very effective! In Just 2 months when we started working with you, my son's rating has increased almost 200 points. Right now his rating is at 1492. I feel sure that the rating will be high enough to put him on the list of top 100 players in the nation for his age. That is something we have never accomplished.
(Michael, USA)

Whatever you said to Andrew on Wednesday is responsible for this miracle. He won 100 rating points in the last tournament! I cannot thank you enough!!
(John, USA)

Austin did a great job at the tourny. He went 6 of 7 and tied for 3rd place. This was a National 4th Grade Championship and he is very excited. Thanks for all of your help.

(Misti, USA)

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