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Chess Openings - download list

French Defense - illustrative box

French Defense for Black

A complete defense for Black against 1.e4, the French Defense is very solid, strategic and, in the meanwhile, very poisonous. After studying this book, you will be more comfortable playing Black, even against much stronger opponents than you.

available only at International Chess School »
Closed Sicilian - illustrative box

Closed Sicilian for White

A strong system to meet the Sicilian with the white pieces, the Closed Sicilian is more cerebral, strategic, but also spectacular with strong attacks. It takes you much less to learn than the Open Sicilian and the evaluation of its variations does not change over night.

available only at International Chess School »

About our e-books

Our e-books (now on French Defense and Closed Sicilian, and more to come) give you the best material about these openings from White or Black point's of view:

  • They include every variation ever played against the moves we recommend to you;
  • Every system has detailed explanations for its ideas and plans of play;
  • Annotations around all the important moves;
  • Explanations on the typical pawn structures that can arise; plans/ideas for the middlegame;
  • All the moves for you are very careful selected after studying many games and after filtering with the best chess engines (so here are no mistakes like in other opening materials...)
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