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225 Chess Puzzles for FREE

Train your mind with 225 instructive chess puzzles
Learn from the 225 chess lessons given as solutions.

With these 225 Chess Puzzles, you will have instructive positions for analysis. Our solutions are like chess lessons and follow Karpov's method of assessing and finding the correct plan of play.

The solution to every puzzle
  • teach you how to find the solution;
  • how to evaluate a position;
  • find the strategic plan/s;
  • identify the key elements of the position and
  • make the proper calculations in a whole range of different variations

The 225 chess puzzles are taken from all phases of the game: Openings, Middlegames and Endgames.

First, try to solve the position alone, without looking to the solution.  From beginner to grandmaster, all chess players require this kind of concentrated training to get our minds fully prepared to focus in real tournaments.  During any game, the practice is harder... These chess puzzles prepare you for the real challenge.


NOTE: The chess puzzles are FREE for download. The puzzles are in MS Word format that you can download, print, and, then, study on your own board!


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