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Chess Strategy Course - teaches you chess strategy

The Chess Strategy Course
is included in

Complete Chess
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In the Chess Strategy Course, you have 90 games with all the moves comprehensively annotated.  The object of these course, is to empower you with a FULL understanding of CHESS STRATEGY, from the Openings to the complexities and beauty of Middlegames.

Every annotated Game is as a Chess Strategy Lesson in its own right, each one having a main chess strategy theme.  We have selected very instructive games giving a clear understanding of ALL the strategic elements.  This way, your practical knowledge is greatly increased.

The Chess Strategy Course contains more than 300 chess study problems.  In all game key positions, we introduce brainteasers for you to solve, followed by clear, concise explanations and in some instances we introduce you to tricks/traps and novelties to add to your repertoire.  You will discover invaluable tips, explanations regarding Grandmasters' thinking, psychological problems, time crisis and more.

the power of chess strategy

To play good chess strategy is more difficult than to play an opening variation or to find a tactical blow.  Strong strategy makes the difference between a weaker player and a better one.  Some do not know which is stronger: chess strategy or chess tactics.  The tactical posibilities are almost all the time the result of a winning chess strategy.  Therefore, good chess training must have as first priority: learning the chess strategy, from the opening to the endgame.

chess strategy in all the phases of the game

Some think that chess strategy is applied only to the middle game phase, but they are wrong.

  • Strategic planning starts by applying the opening principles with smart positioning of the pieces that prepares for the middlegame.  Learning openings properly begins with understanding of a smart chess opening strategy
  • During the endgame, almost all strategic considerations become more evident and weighty: the weak squares, the pawn structure, the advanced pawns, the piece activity.  In fact, all these are part of the overall chess strategy.   E.g. a specialist in endgames will better know what strategy to use starting right from the early middlegame, since that will prepare for an advantage in the endgame.

training program on chess strategy

Richard Reti said: "The source of the greatest errors is to be found in those moves that are made merely according to a rule and not based on the individual plan or thought of the player."

We have created an unique Training Program on Chess Strategy based on annotated chess games.  We have gathered our efforts to teach you how, when and what chess strategy concepts can be applied in your competition games.  We teach you practical thinking in chess strategy that is hardly found in general guidelines.  This is a bit different from a book that categorizes chess strategy on many themes.  We do not try to replace or copy these books but instead perfectly complement them.

We selected contemporary games from different rating levels, not only from grandmasters that we analyze and annotate them.  The following is of great importance:

  • Our annotations are aimed at teaching you chess strategy, on explaining the player's ways of thinking during the game - when and how strategic decisions are made.
  • The games are selected to demonstrate not only one theme of chess strategy, but also all the various elements of the game.
  • We divided our Chess Training Program into two categories and we selected the games accordingly.
  • We explain to you in detail all the key positions in a given game and we present to you some instructive quizzes on a particular chess strategy.

The Chess Strategy Course is included in
Complete Chess Training Program »

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