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Romanian Chess - Romanian over-the-board and correspondence chess, articles, games, chess magazine "Paralela 64", personal webpages of GM Dorian Rogozneko and FM Marius Ceteras.
Chess99 - Chess Calendar, chess tournaments and events worldwide - A new and excellent chess calendar with both international and local chess tournaments.
games for couples - Play with your partner - Professional chess training, chess skills evaluations and improvement guides, chess software, free downloads and much more.... - Offers free email chess, player ranking/rating, tournaments, chess teams, forums, chat rooms
Atlantic Games - Play chess at your own pace! - The place to improve your chess tactics.
ChessPartner - Lokasoft is a dutch company that develops computer chess programs. Its main product is ChessPartner.
World War 2 Chess - The greatest battle in history is now captured in this amazing chess set.
Karel Mokry Chess Bookshop - Normally several thousands chess books in online stock. Both new and used.

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