Chess in Nevada – A Complete Guide

If you ask someone to give you insights about Nevada. Most will go on about the desert landscapes, vibrant nightlights, and large casinos as well. However, the Silver State is also one of many States with a thriving chess culture.

Let’s investigate further to see just how ideal Nevada is for upcoming and professional chess players.

Chess map Nevada State

Nevada is one of a few states known for its divergent culture. You’ll come across people from all walks of life whenever you visit the State. This assortment means people from different backgrounds and life journeys give the State an almost international site. This has dramatically impacted the rise and dominance of chess in the Silver State.

If you are new to Nevada or have just gotten into the world of chess. It’s essential to know where all the resources are. Moreover, you should also plug into a local or even a regional chess club to help develop your skill to perfection. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Nevada chess life.

History of Chess in Nevada

As noted above, Nevada is known for a lot of things. You might be mistaken to think chess is relatively new to the State. However, the Silver State has always had a unique role to play in the American chess culture.

An example of Nevada’s contribution to chess is its relevance as a hosting state to important chess tournaments and events. The U.S National Open, for instance, has been continually held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

One of the most historical chess games to take place in Nevada is the match between Larry Evans and Herman Steiner in 1952. Larry Evans surprised many as he convincingly won the match. As a result, Larry set himself up as one of the greatest chess players of his generation. Today, countless chess players and enthusiasts analyze many of his games, including this particular one.

Chess Grandmasters from Nevada

The data regarding overall chess players in Nevada is a bit outdated. Nonetheless, judging by the chess activity in the region, it’s clear the State has thousands of active chess players and enthusiasts. Moreover, there are quite a number of unranked street chess players with great skill and talent.

Chess expert

One of the greatest chess players to hail from is the later Walter Brown. Brown achieved the grandmaster title, alongside numerous other accolades. He was a prominent chess figure in the global scene and dominated the 1970s and 80s.

Throughout his career, Brown beat some of the greatest chess masters of his time. He was the United States chess champion with 7 American Open wins, 11 National Open wins, and, most remarkably, 3 World Open wins. He passed away in 2015 and is celebrated all through Nevada.

Patrick Hummel is another notable chess player to come from Nevada. The FIDE master was regarded as a child prodigy as he burst into the chess world when he was just nine years old. Hummel played about 91 professional games before retiring. During his decorated career, he won numerous championships and went on to beat world-renowned chess players and masters.

Nevada Chess Tournaments

Nevada lies at the epicenter of the American chess world. Numerous tournaments are going on during most times of the year. To learn more about these tournaments and championships, you should follow Nevada Chess, Inc.

This is the State’s affiliate party and operates under the U.S Chess Federation body. The platform updates members about all upcoming chess events in the Siler State. Some of the notable chess tournaments in Nevada are;

  • The Nevada Scholastic Championship – This is an online chess tournament held between several learning institutions in the State. The online championship normally takes place in mid-April.
  • The Las Vegas International Festival – This annual chess tournament is one of the most popular events in Nevada. It is also one of the first chess tournaments to be held in the State. This tournament usually happens from June 6th to 20th of the same month.
  • Nevada Girls’ Scholastic Chess Championship – This is yet another online chess event hosted in mid-April. The tournament has a particular focus on the upcoming female talent in chess.

Chess Shops in Nevada

If you are moving to Nevada, you might not know where to get chess supplies and new chess sets. Given the sheer size and population of the Siler State, knowing where to go for all your chess needs can save you time and connect you with the right circles. The leading chess outlets in Nevada include;

Nevada Chess shops

Meepleville Board Game Café – This shop is contrary located in Vegas and caters to countless chess enthusiasts every day. Here, you can enjoy all the chess sets and pick a unique piece for yourself.

Shall We Play? – This is another chess shop located in Las Vegas. They offer customizable chess sets, serving as the one-stop shop for everything chess-related in Nevada.

Patton Puzzle Pleasures – If you reside in Reno, this chess shop is the right spot for you. They have a wide range of chess sets and pieces for both the beginner and the expert.

Nevada Chess Guide

Nevada remains the nightlife and gambling center for many people. However, if you look past the standard attractions, you’ll notice a thriving chess scene. The State has a mix of chess players at different levels.

Nevada map

As seen from some of the State tournaments listed above, many schools and learning institutions have active chess clubs and groups at the same time. The betting scene has also attracted some of the top players to Nevada. 

Whether you are just starting out or a chess pro, there are more than enough resources, activities, and events to keep you engaged.

Chess Clubs in Nevada

Joining a chess club is arguably the best way to grow your skills. If you are in Nevada, these chess groups and clubs will help you develop your skills and take your game to a new level.

  • The Reno Chess Club – This club was started in 1952 and has remained active since. You can connect with other players in the Silver State and enjoy a great chess game.
  • The Las Vegas Chess Center – While fairly new, this club has done a lot to grow the chess culture in Las Vegas over the last six years.
  • The University of Nevada Reno Chess Club – This university has a very active chess club that avails numerous resources and opportunities to its students.
  • The Nevada Chess Mates – This club caters to chess players from all skill levels. It is located in Las Vegas and has a weekly online tournament.
  • The Nevada Chess Academy – If you are looking to boost your chess skills, this is the club to join. The club has many resources and practice games to help elevate your chess-playing ability.

Research shows there are countless benefits to playing a chess game. In most cases, the earlier you start, the greater the impact it will have on your life.

Elderly man and younger boy playing chess

However, it’s never too late to start. These resources and information will help you learn more about the Nevada chess environment and where to go if you need lessons, practice, a chess board, and everything related.

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