Best Way To Learn Chess

Chess is one of the oldest board games and it is still actively played around the world. While the game of chess is a great way of activating your brain and challenging your analytical thinking there is also a fantastic social side to the game.

From playing online to joining a chess club in your locality or attending a tournament it is easy to see why this game continues to be popular.

Best Way To Learn Chess

Learning chess may seem like a complicated matter upon first glance at the checkered board and playing pieces but we are here to offer our top tips on the best way to learn chess for anyone interested.

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, anyone can learn how to play the wonderful game of chess.

The Best Way To Learn Chess

Here are some of the best ways to learn chess for people of all ages and abilities. 

Chess Books

Chess books are a great way of learning the basics of chess. There are books specifically written for beginners and these books introduce the game of chess as well as the board, pieces, and the many rules associated with the game.

Chess books have been used for hundreds of years as a way to learn chess and many people will collect books from chess grandmasters as an addition to their chess table.

Learn Online

There are several online chess games and websites where you can play a computer-generated opponent or connect with a friend or stranger around the world.

These online games can help you to practice and learn moves but it is best to research the rules before starting to learn online. 

Watch Tutorials

There are many YouTube channels dedicated to chess and many of them have tutorials for beginners and people just starting. If you are a visual learner watching tutorials is a fantastic way to learn chess.

Join A Club

If you are lucky enough to have a chess club in your locality this enables you to enjoy the social aspect of chess.

Learning in a club dynamic makes the game of chess more fun and also gives you a wider pool of information as you have a huge range of players all coming to help, teach, and play one another. 

Chess clubs usually cater to a range of ages and they are a great resource for chess players. Players often swap books, arrange social games, and attend tournaments together.

When you have a chess ranking you will be matched within the club to players that are at a similar level, helping your chess to improve even more.

Get Lessons

If you are willing to spend money to learn chess it can be worthwhile getting lessons. You can often find out about lessons through the local chess club or you can enquire at tournaments, or on online chess forums regarding teachers in your locality. 

Lessons are usually offered as 1-2-1 but it is sometimes possible to find group lessons also, it depends on how much attention you want from a tutor. Paying for lessons is a great way to hold yourself accountable if you are serious about learning chess. 

Whichever course of learning you choose we recommend buying a chess board before starting. This will help you to get familiar with the board itself and the pieces. 

When learning the rules of chess it can be very helpful to have a physical board and move the pieces in the direction they can move in, this can take time to fully understand as there are rules and playing rules associated with each type of piece on a chessboard.

Learning and using a physical board will help you to learn and remember the rules much faster. 

Chess boards are available in a variety of forms and when starting you don’t need to have the best version, even a simple plastic rollout board and pieces will be perfect to get started with.

If you want a portable board you can get miniature travel-sized chess boards but as the pieces are so small they can be hard to distinguish at first. 

Learning with a friend is also a fantastic way to learn chess as you will have someone there to play as well as someone to help you along the learning journey. You can play with friends online or in person.

Top Tips

Here are some additional tips that will help you to learn and also progress your game of chess:

  1. Take time to learn the rules, this will help you to stay focused and understand what moves you can or cannot do in a game
  2. Practice makes perfect, if you don’t have anyone to play against, play yourself using a board or play online against another chess player who could be anywhere in the world
  3. Buy a chess puzzle book to challenge your skills and to learn new moves that could have you win games within a few moves
  4. Always check the next move that could happen after you move your pieces, this will help you to predict what your opponent may do and also prevent any bad moves
  5. Many people take time to learn openings but often this can limit your ability to think like a chess player. As long as you understand the rules, and take time to understand the moves your partner is making you will be able to think on your feet and play a great game, all without having to rely on memorized sequences

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Learning how to play chess has never been easier, with a huge range of books, online classes, and videos online anyone can learn. You don’t even need a computer to start, all you need is a computer to start playing online. 

Once you have learned how to play a great way to continue learning is to attend or enter tournaments. These events offer the opportunity to watch others with a higher chess ranking play and often you can learn a lot from watching other chess players.

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