How To Improve At Chess

Chess is one of the oldest and most well-known games in the whole world. People have played it for centuries and in the late 1800s, it began to increase in popularity in the competitive sense. 

How To Improve At Chess

If you’re a chess player and want to get more serious about how you play the game, you’re probably looking for ways to improve.

You could be at a beginner level just starting out or you could be an intermediate player who’s looking to sharpen their skills. 

Regardless of your chess skill or level, there’s always room for improvement and perfecting what you know, and this is the right place for you to find out what you need to do to improve!

Study Chess Tactics

One of the best ways to improve your chess skills is to study chess tactics. Chess tactics are short-term move combinations that result in gains or a win. 

As you study chess tactics and play more, you’ll start to see that most chess involves patterns and pattern recognition.

You will see the same move sequences and patterns pop up frequently in chess and when you understand them, your skills will naturally improve. 

Understanding these tactics can also help you notice exactly when your opponents are using them, which will help you win. 

Play As Much As You Can

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how effective playing the game as much as possible is. 

When you live and breathe chess and you enjoy it, you’ll start to see improvements in the way you play.

The more you play, the more you understand, and the more the game becomes second nature to you.

Playing as much as you can also help you learn what areas you need to improve the most on.

There could be a certain tactic you’re a bit weaker in implementing and if you didn’t play the game a lot, you never would have known.

Focusing on improving your weaknesses helps you cement your strengths. 

Playing the game as much as you can also help you learn new concepts and gives you multiple chances to practice those new concepts and methods. 

To be good at chess, you must play chess, and you must play it often. 

Review Your Games

If you record your games, you have the opportunity to review them later. This might seem like a bit of a boring task, but it’s a really great way you can work on your techniques and play styles. 

By reviewing and replaying your games later, you can see what needs to be improved and you can also see what moves you could have used but didn’t.

Hindsight is always a tricky one, but it helps you improve and not make the same mistakes twice. Looking at your games with fresh eyes can work wonders for you. 

If you’re always improving, you’re always going to be better than you were, even if it’s just by a little bit.

You’re going to know more about chess today than you did yesterday and even the smallest additions to your knowledge can help you improve even further. 

Look For Mentors

How To Improve At Chess

To be the best you can be, it always helps to look for teachers and mentors who have more experience than you. 

If you record your games (which you should do as much as possible!) you can take them to stronger and more experienced players and see what their opinions on the game are.

They can offer you useful tips and advice you may not have even considered before they brought it to your attention. 

If you’re lucky enough to find someone to be a mentor, they can teach you ways to improve and help you work on any of your weaknesses.

They can help you see any mistakes ahead of time and they can help you get better at the game. If you can’t find an in-person mentor, you can utilize the internet. 

There are loads of chess forums and communities online and you can meet like-minded people who can help you improve your chess skills.

You can play online games with them and get useful advice and information from them. 

Replay Other Player’s Games

Lots of competitive chess games have been recorded and lots of casual players also like to record their games most of these games are accessible to those who want to reply to them.

Replaying other people’s games can be a massive help for you. Seeing how other people implement strategies and what their preferred play style is will help you refine and improve your own play style. 

Replaying and reviewing other people’s games is a lot like reviewing and replaying your own, but you get to see how other chess players’ minds work.

When you understand other players’ minds, you understand the way your opponents play and that will improve the way you play. 

Practise Chess Puzzles

Something else that can help you improve your chess is chess puzzles. 

These puzzles will help you refine your chess tactics. They are mini chess-based puzzles that are designed to make you implement those chess tactics.

Though they aren’t full games, they will help you learn to problem solve and work your way around the board. 

They also help you go over and memorize what each chess piece can do depending on the puzzle. The more familiar you are with the chess pieces, the better you’ll be at the overall game. 

Chess puzzles are designed to get your brain working quickly and tactically, which is what chess is all about.


If you love chess and it’s something that is a huge part of your daily life, you will naturally improve your skills as time passes. 

With the tips and tricks we’ve provided here, a huge dose of dedication and perseverance, your skills on the chess board can only get better and you’ll be an expert in no time. 

Just remember, to get good at anything you need to understand it and practice, practice, practice!

The more time you spend with the game, the faster your skills will improve! 

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